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Information Technology Consulting

Project management services for information technology projects. We have expertise in:

  • Application development
  • Web development 
  • Infrastructure
  • Project rescue

Computer Repair

As owner or manager of a small company or home office you know only too well how a computer glitch can have a major effect on your business performance and revenues. Take the hassle out of computer repair. When your system goes down, it doesn't have to take your lifestyle with it! Pay only for the service you receive! After the first hour, bills down to the quarter hour.

Web Design

We can discuss your project by phone, via email, at our office, or another location. We are flexible and are happy to talk about your goals - whether the project is a redesign or a brand new first website for the business. We take this time to learn about your business or corporation, and to tell you about our company and product offerings and to develop a working relationship.

Because communicating on the web is more important than just presenting a pretty picture, we offer the following to get you started with setting development goals for your company (all assessments are for web based services): Project scope Purpose of site Audience analysis Competitive analysis Design proposal Marketing analysis and proposal Maintenance proposal Timeline for Project Cost for development in several stages so that you can opt for "add on" features that fit your budget.

I am happy to provide your company with a bid for website development. Development bids are based upon a variety of factors; but there are some key areas included in every bid produced:

  • Design development
  • Site Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Programming
  • Content development/formatting

All the traffic in the world won’t do you any good if your site doesn’t encourage customers to purchase, and entice them to return again and again. Similarly, a beautifully designed site won’t be successful and profitable if no one knows about it. We specializes in implementing efficient, cohesive solutions that harness the combined powers of pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and intelligent site design that creates a high quality, positive user experience.